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agents of change - covid19 emergency response

During this time when everyone must #stayhome, we are so thankful to you for providing over 40 families in Tijuana with a new home to stay safe in.

The government of Mexico has set a 'shelter in place' order for the months of April and May. This has had a dramatic impact on the lower-class, working families, earning minimum wage, which is generally only $2 an hour. Unable to work, families are getting desperate for food. Let’s show all our PSIR Agents of Change families that we continue to care for them.

For just $30 you will provide one family with a box of food and supplies. Donate now to help feed our families during this uncertain time

100% of your contribution will be used to provide emergency food and supplies to families we've supported through the gift of a home.

Sell a home, build a home

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We will keep you updated with news about the families you are helping.
A tax receipt for your donation will be emailed to you.