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In March 2017, World Housing, in partnership with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, New Story Charity and World Housing Organization created the Agents of Change program. The Agents of Change program was created to empower the real estate industry to create real social change.

An Agent of Change is a Realtor who has committed to a contribution from their real estate transactions so that every house sold unlocks a donation to provide homes for impoverished families around the world.

Agents of Change has resonated with Sotheby’s International Realty, and is now their approved philanthropic program allowing Realtors world-wide to become an Agent of Change.

100% of every dollar committed from the Agents of Change Realtors will be used to build homes for impoverished families living in unimaginable conditions, providing hope for a better future.

Built on centuries of tradition and dedicated to innovation, the Sotheby’s International Realty brand artfully unites connoisseurs of life with their aspirations through a deeply connected global network of realtor expertise and exceptional people.

The message from Sotheby’s International Realty is that your best life begins with a home that inspires you. Their core belief now comes to life through the Agents of Change program, crossing barriers to enable even the most impoverished families in the world to be inspired with hope for their best life through the homes built through the ‘Sotheby’s Agents of Change’ program.

Following the successful beta test at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty in San Diego, the Agents of Change program has become an important part of the culture and rally cry for global impact throughout the Sotheby’s network.

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World Housing, in partnership with New Story Charity, co-founded the Agents of Change program.  Through initiatives and programs like Agents of Change, World Housing funds the construction of homes and communities in the developing world, gifting them to families living in slums.  These homes provide the safety, security, and access to resources, that change lives forever.

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New Story Charity is our partner in the Agent of Change program. New Story provides their expertise in building homes in developing countries, and works with us to create viable long-term solutions for communities. New Story receives the funds from the Agents of Change program and uses it for building the homes for families in need.

100% of the funds raised from the Agents of Change program are used for providing housing for families living in slums.

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Housing is essential for life. When the basic needs, like housing, are taken care of, people are able to focus on improving themselves and to live more productive, fulfilling lives. With the right support structures in place, families can build a better future.

We believe that by gifting homes – and creating safe communities in the developing world, we are setting in motion positive social change that has the potential to completely change the lives of millions of people around the world.

When communities thrive, people thrive. Homes are the beginning of this.

Thanks to a group of private impact investors who pay our operating expenses, we are able to promise that every dollar raised through the Agents of Change program will go directly towards building homes for families in need.

Anyone can make a contribution! If you would like to make a donation to Agents of Change, please visit our Donate page.

Agents of Change is a philanthropic program for the real estate industry and developed for Realtors to enable them to change their business into a social enterprise, and make real social impact. If you are in the real estate industry, please contact us to inquire about our giving programs we have for Developers, Architects, Hotel and other related professions.

Anyone can make a contribution! If you would like to make a donation to Agents of Change, please link through here. DONATE NOW

Anyone can make a donation to build homes through Agents of Change. You can make a one-time donation, or a monthly donation through the link below. We will send you a tax receipt and record of your donation at the end of the year, and information about the family you have helped build a home with your donation.


Yes. Donations can be made payable to World Housing Inc. and mailed to:

Agents of Change
c/o World Housing Inc.
Suite 106 - 1008 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, B.C., V6E 1T7

100% of funds raised through the Agents of Change program goes towards building homes for families living in slums around the world. The cost of housing varies depending on the country we are building a community in, but it is approximately $6,500 USD.

Our goal is to work with our partners World Housing and New Story to provide 2,000 homes and house 10,000 people by 2021.

The Agents of Change in partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty, will be focused on building communities in the slum and impoverished areas of Mexico transforming them for families who are currently living in unimaginable conditions.

We have built over 30 homes in Tijuana, Mexico and currently we are building a community in Morelos, Mexico.

Through real estate transactions a monthly ongoing donation is made by the Realtor from their commissions. Additional donations are made by the Sotheby’s affiliate brokerage corporate offices for real estate transactions made in their brokerage. Buyers and sellers, and suppliers of Sotheby’s International Realty also help by donating additional funds to make even greater impact.

A group of generous supporters helped to launch the Agents of Change program and continue to provide support. Our First Founders are:

Nyda Jones-Church
Don Conley
Brian Strange
Scott-Finn & Associates – Francine Finn & Raye Scott
Great Pacific Escrow
Guardian Title Agency
San Diego Funding

The cost of housing varies depending on the country we are building a community in. In Mexico, the cost of building will average at approximately $6,500 USD. With our building partner New Story, we are constantly looking at better ways to build to make greater impact.

In 2019 New Story will be ready to start building communities with the new ‘3D home building technology’ which will reduce the cost of building and improve the quality. We are committed to continually strive for better ways to make social impact.

New Story 3D home video

We identify families to move into the homes based on a set of qualifying criteria. We work with community partners who understand the local culture and know the importance of finding families that will be markers of social change long after their homes have been built.

Our primary requirements are that families must have a personal desire to uplift their family and community. They must be enrolled in school, and the home must be free of abuse. We chose these criterial because we believe that strong communities are made up of more than just houses; they are made of individuals working to better themselves and the future of their families.

1. Realtors donate a portion of your commission – When you sign up for a monthly contribution you are putting a portion of your home sales commissions towards helping provide homes for families who live in dangerous situations.
3. Share your impact with your community – When you become an Agent of Change, we’ll send you a link to the tools you need to share with your networks (webpage, logos, photos and video).

• To become Commit to $20 or more per month for a 12 month commitment
• Link through to the online opt-in form to sign up
• Check the monthly amount you would like to contribute
• Provide your name, office location & credit card information


Give Monthly: We will process your monthly commitment and track those funds under your name and your office location.

• You can opt-out at any time by emailing

• A Thank You email will be sent provides you access to the Agents of Change Marketing Tool Kit
• You are then registered and will receive ongoing updates, news and videos about the families you have helped
• You will also receive a Tax Receipt for your donation.

  • Social media assets – video; images; postings; hashtags; links
  • Use of the AoC logo for digital signatures; listing pages
  • Templates for Listing pages; Open House flat sheets
  • Signage attachments for property signage & open houses
  • See link here for access to the AoC Marketing Tool Kit.

Every office has an Office Champion who is the ‘go to’ person for the Agents of Change program. They will provide you updates at your monthly sales meetings, and answer any questions you have. Working together as a team will make incredible things happen.

The Agents of Change team will always be available as your resource. Just email and our team will get you what you need.