Agents of Change

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When you sign up you will become part of the global movement that will transform lives forever. As a Sotheby's International Realty Agent of Change you will be providing renewed hope for families through your contributions.

100% of your contribution will go towards housing families in absolute poverty.

Sell a home, build a home

About Agents of Change

Agents of Change was created to empower Sotheby’s International Realtors to make real social impact through their work. When you become an Agent of Change you help provide homes for families every time you sell a home. You can get involved by simply donating a small amount from your real estate commissions every month.

Sothebys International Realty


Your donation takes families who have been living in a makeshift shelter and provides them with a safe home. These homes are part of holistic communities which gives families the foundation to thrive. We'll show you the exact family you're helping with a digital family profile and follow-up with pictures when they move in. It doesn’t take a lot from any one person. If we all give a little each month, we can transform lives.

Help Spread the Word

Once you have signed up as an Agent of Change, we will send you tools to help tell your story. We also provide updates and news about the families you are helping.

Sell a home, build a home

Thank You For Getting Involved

A tax receipt for your donation will be emailed to you.